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The Gambia Golf Association (GGA) was formed in 2009 and is the Governing Body for Golf in The Republic of The Gambia. It is overseen by an Executive Committee under the General Authority of the National Sports Council, of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The GGA Sanction the Gambia Open and Pro-Am. The GGA is affiliated to the Gambia National Olympic Committee, The R&A and the International Golf Federation.

The GGA is a non-profit making organization with the following main objectives:

     a)      To promote golf throughout The Gambia by striving to increase its popularity, raising general standards and twinning with other sports associations.

     b)   To ensure strict adherence to the rules of golf as established by The R&A, without prejudice to local rules as they may apply from club to club.

     c)      To protect the interest of golf and increase public awareness of the requirements for its development in The Gambia.

     d)     To work closely with the appropriate Gambia Government bodies on matters relating to the development of golf within and outside The Gambia.

     e)      To promote and/or sponsor within the limits of its means and capacity, the training of young Gambians through golf clinics.

     f)       To increase the participation of Gambians in International Golf Competitions, including Pro-Ams and PGA tournaments.

     g)      In the name of the Gambia to assume membership of regional and international golf bodies and to comply with their constitutions and regulations.

     h)      To acquire, lease or otherwise any land, premises or property anywhere in The Gambia for use as driving ranges or golf courses.

     i)     To accept subscriptions, donations and bequests for all or any of the aforesaid purposes.

     j)        To hire and employ persons considered necessary for the purposes of the GGA.

     k)      To borrow or raise money by whatsoever means and to give security for such money upon all or any part of the property of the GGA.

     l)        To protect the interest of professional golfers in The Gambia, ensuring they receive fair treatment at golf courses in The Gambia with respect to playing without paying green fees and being allowed to participate in golf tournaments.

     m)    GGA will administer the Rules of Amateur Status in Gambian Golf Clubs as established by The R&A.

     n)    To adopt and implement the World Anti-Doping Code, thereby ensuring that the Gambia Golf Association's anti-doping policies and rules, membership and-or funding requirements and results management procedures conform with the World Anti-Doping Code and respect all the roles and responsibilities for Sports Bodies that are listed within the World Anti-Doping Code.  

            o)  i.   Gambia Golf Association (GGA) is committed to ensuring fair play in the game of golf,and in particular considers that illegal betting on matches and the practice of match fixing (Match-fixing involves the manipulation of an outcome or contingency by competitors, teams, sports agents, support staff, referees and officials and venue staff. Such conduct includes: the deliberate fixing of the result of a contest, or of an occurrence within the contest, or of a points spread; deliberate underperformance; withdrawal (tanking); an official's deliberate misapplication of the rules of the contest; interference with the play or playing surfaces by venue staff; and abuse of insider information to support a bet placed by any of the above or placed by a gambler who has recruited such people to manipulate an outcome or contingency.) are unacceptable. GGA condemns conduct on the part of any person involved in the game of golf which brings the sport into disrepute.

                             ii.    As the national body for the game of golf in The Gambia, GGA has an object, and the power, to implement appropriate policy in relation to matters as arise from time to time as issues to be addressed in golf. Illegal betting and match fixing are such issues.

    Gambia Golf Association Committee Members




    Ebrima Jawara

    Secretary General

    Modou Drameh


    Anthony Tabbal


    Tejan Kuyateh


    Alhagie Drammeh


    Par Famara J J Jatta


    Binta Ceesay


    Fatoumatta Saho

    Chief Patron: H.E. Alhagie Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, GMRG, GCMG, FRCVS


     Contact us

    Gambia Golf Association

    Drameh Kunda, opposite Bakau Health Centre, Fajara, KMC, The Gambia

    Telephone: +220 7196683, +2207811118

    E-mail: gambia.golfassociation@yahoo.com

    Gambia National Olympic Committee: www.olympic.org/gambia

    The R&A: www.randa.org/

    International Golf Federation: www.internationalgolffederation.org/about/index.html

    Ministry of Youth and Sports, Republic of The Gambia:  www.moys.gov.gm/