The Golf Swing

Golf seems to be a continual struggle to obtain perfection. In an attempt to master this game one needs to know and practice the game. Each golfer's swing is a unique combination of body type, physical stature and the individual's personal mannerism. The basic framework of the golf swing is established at the outset of your golf career. As a result your swing motion from the top of the backswing through impact is set, and does not necessarily result in the accurate and smooth swing we all desire. 
The key to a successful golf swing begins with the proper address position. Beginners and high handicap golfers must realize the importance of stance, balance and posture all the ingredients necessary for development of a good golf swing. Once the proper stance is achieved the beginner golfer can begin to improve and enhance their game. An important note to remember is that your swing is yours and yours alone therefore, the importance of a proper address position becomes paramount.

Here is a drill that can be practiced at the office, family-room, basically anywhere.

  1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and your shoulders and arms relaxed.

  2. Bend your knees slightly, not too pronounced, think of it as someone is pushing down on the top of your head.

  3. Take your left forefinger and touch the middle of your chest, while your right hand is in front of your body where the club's grip would be.

  4. Imagine that your right hand is a tray of drinks.

  5. Take your right arm back in your normal swing motion (as if you are swinging a golf club) and when you are at the extent of your backswing, visualize that you are balancing that tray.

  6. From this position proceed with your downswing and finish the follow through by touching your left shoulder with your right hand.

This drill will always give an indication of your set-up at address through the swing path to your finish and it can be practiced anywhere.

If you are a left handed golfer follow the same steps but reverse your hands.

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